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Avoiding Complications from Central Venous Lines

SAN ANTONIO — As many as five million central venous lines are placed in patients in the US annually and 15 percent of those patients will have complications and infections associated with those procedures. The costs associated with these complications can be as much as $56,000 per patient. Voluminous research studies demonstrate the positives and negatives of central venous lines (CVLs) as well as new approaches that should be considered.

A white paper, Central Venous Lines in Emergencies: Time for a New Approach, released in the fall of 2010, compiles the existing research about CVLs and shows additional research advocating the use of intraosseous vascular access to help prevent CVL-related infections. The paper is presented in a concise yet comprehensive document that is available for free download at The white paper was sponsored by Vidacare Corporation.

The document’s authors, including Cynthia Beamer, MD, make a case using existing research that intraosseous vascular access should be considered as a bridge or an alternative to placing central lines due to their lower rate of complications and infections compared to those associated with CVLs.

Established in 2001, Vidacare Corporation is the developer of a broad technology platform that is defining the field of intraosseous (inside the bone) medicine. Current products include the EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System, the OnControl Bone Marrow System and the OnControl Bone Access System. Applications include vascular access, emergency and disaster medicine, oncology and spinal surgery. Privately held, the company is based in San Antonio, Texas, and its products are marketed in over 50 countries worldwide.