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New Device Keeps Ventilator Connections Secure

Marpac Inc, an Albuquerque New Mexico firm specializing in the manufacture of respiratory securements, introduces the latest addition to their line of respiratory products, The HUB, a vent circuit securement device.

The idea for this product originated from a respiratory therapist’s request for a device that would keep respiratory circuits from getting disconnected from tracheostomy tubes. Marpac quickly responded to the request and created a unique and effective securement device that not only secures vent circuits to tracheostomy tubes, but to edotracheal (ET) tubes as well.

The HUB is simple-to-use, non-adhesive, economical device. Free samples and more information are available by contacting Marpac at (800) 334-6413 or visiting the website at Ask for “The Hub” or “part # 900”.