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FDNY Firefighters Save 3-Month Old Cardiac Arrest Victim

Firefighters saved a tiny patient on March 7, a 3-month-old baby boy, who went into cardiac arrest in his Brooklyn home.

“The guys did an outstanding job,” said Lt. Tom Watson from Engine 220.

Firefighters were called to a home on 7th Street for a baby who was unconscious and not breathing.

The members from Engine 220 rushed to the scene. When they arrived two minutes later, Firefighter Daniel Anderson jumped off the rig and rushed into the building. A neighbor directed him to the apartment, where he was met by the baby’s mother, who led him to the unresponsive child in the bedroom.

Firefighters Dominick Santamaria and Frank Monte soon followed with the equipment.

The three firefighters began chest compressions and rescue breathing on the infant, which involved using two fingers – instead of palms – to do chest compressions and doing 15 compressions for every two breaths, instead of 30 for every two breaths that should be done for adults.

Within a minute, Lt. Watson said the child became responsive.

They continued CPR as the baby was loaded into the ambulance. He was transported to Methodist Hospital.

The members said the urgency of the situation was heightened because they have their own small children – Lt. Watson has three, Firefighter Santamaria has one and Firefighter Brian Sheehan (who drove the fire engine to the scene) has three children.

“It means a lot to save someone, especially someone who hasn’t had a chance to live,” said Lt. Watson. “This job has its perks.”