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Indiana EMT Killed In Ambulance Crash

It is with deep regret we advise you of the line of duty death of EMT David Gundle of Clark County, Indiana EMS.

EMT Gundle, riding in the passenger seat, and his partner EMT Erica Stoffregen, driving, were responding to a non-emergency service call when their ambulance left the roadway and struck a tree at approximately 1500 hours.

The EMS driver, 26-year-old Stoffregen, reportedly failed to take a curve, leaving the road and hitting a tree.

This is the second deadly accident Stoffregen has been involved in. In the first one, within the past year, he said, she was a passenger.

Today’s crash occurred approximately two miles east of Henryville. Bad weather and poor road conditions are also factors believed to have contributed to the crash.

EMT Gundle is 50 years old and survived by his wife and six children. He served with Clark County EMS for approximately three years. The Clark County EMS ambulance is based out of the Henryville-Monroe Township Volunteer Fire Department.

As always, our sincere condolences.