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RX Fabrication Bariatric Ambulance Ramp System Available

DENVER — RX Fabrication, a supplier of bariatric ramps to ambulance services, has created a new bariatric ramp system that is the easiest to operate on the market today as stated by founder Rian Conradie. Rian further commented that the system has “Easy installation, mounting plate removal, storage, is safe, cost effective, and can be set up and torn down in the field by one person in less than 2 minutes total.”

Using a detachable plate system, the ramp design leaves no mounting equipment in the way to interfere with normal ambulance loading and unloading.

The system has a 1400lb capacity and is now available in kit form from RX Fabrication.

About RX Fabrication
RX Fabrication started business in 2006 with its first custom set of ramps. Since then the business has continued to revise the technology of the ramp with a drive to improve strength and simplicity of setup and teardown. Learn more about the bariatric ramp system at