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Ambulance Safety Standards Draft Released

 The National Fire Protection Association has released a draft document on ambulance safety standards and is seeking public input.

The Technical Committee on Ambulances is seeking public input on this draft as well as the National Truck and Equipment Association (NTEA), Ambulance Manufacturer’s Division (AMD) Standards that are referenced in the draft. The Ambulance Committee will review the public input when considering the options as follows: keep the external AMD references as used in the draft; maintain the AMD references but add the committee’s amendments, or the technical committee develop testing criteria without using external reference within the NFPA 1917
Ambulance Standard.

The AMD Standards can be viewed/downloaded here.

The attached draft is a Committee working document. It is being circulated to solicit input from the public prior to publication as a Report on Proposals (ROP). To submit a proposal, please use the proposal form that is attached to this draft. Proposals must be received by the Secretary, Standards Council, at NFPA, by 5:00 PM
EDST on Wednesday, December 15, 2010.