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Safety (and Contract) First: Mississippi Councilman Has No Power Over EMS Provider

A new twist in the case of a Mississippi city councilman who wanted to push for changing EMS service providers after an EMS crew staged for their own safety while waiting at the scene of an incident, the county who actually manages the contract with AMR says they are pleased with the service, want EMS providers to act safely and says no change is coming. Watch the video for the latest report.

Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes is upset that a shooting victim had to wait over twenty minutes before help arrived last Friday. Stokes stated that even though the police had not yet secured the scene, the ambulance company should have taken the risk and gotten to the victim quicker. AMR has explained that staging for safety is their standard policy — as it is for more departments nationwide. Jerry Johnston, president of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, also reinforced AMR’s safety policy.

The incident has caused outrage nationwide where EMS providers have sounded off in overwhelming support of the crew’s actions, flooding message boards and Facebook pages discussing the topic, including JEMS and posts on They’ve also filled local media comment boards and the local council’s phone lines and e-mail addresses with the same.

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