Councilman Suggests Ambulance Crew Ignored Safety

JACKSON, Miss. – A Jackson, Mississippi city councilman has questioned the safety policies of AMR, going as far as saying the city needs to change companies or go into the ambulance business themselves.

According to Bert Case of WLBT, Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes is upset that a shooting victim had to wait over twenty minutes before help arrived last Friday. Stokes stated that even though the police had not yet secured the scene, the ambulance company should have taken the risk and gotten to the victim quicker.

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AMR spokesman Jim Pollard stated that it is national policy to wait for the police to secure the scene of violent EMS calls. Pollard also reviewed the incident timeline and reported that the crew had patient contact seven minutes after receiving the call.

WLBT reports that the victim, Lee Joseph Martin, was shot six times and is listed as being in intensive care.

Stokes says that if AMR doesn’t change its safety policy, then the city needs to change ambulance services.