Detroit EMS Employees Speak Out On Crisis

DETROIT – Concerns about emergency medial services response time, equipment problems and personnel were just some of the things brought before the Detroit City Council on Tuesday.

For more than two hours, members of the city’s EMS department relayed all their concerns to council members.

EMS employees said the response time for ambulances is their No. 1 concern. They said the long wait times are costing some residents their lives.

Wisam Zeineh is the president of Detroit’s EMS union.

He said there has been mismanagement within the department, and that it is putting public safety at risk.

“I’ve lost faith. How do you expect me — in public safety work — to sit back and watch people die, and to think that’s OK because of alleged budget constraints,” Zeineh said. “EMS makes money. Find the money and you’ll find the services that you deserve.”

Zeineh said the department has the same budget as it did five years ago but is working with half the amount of staff, and he wants to know why the numbers are not adding up.