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New Air Ambulance Service In North Dakota

KXMC CBS – A Rapid City company is opening a new air ambulance service in Williston.

Medical Air Rescue Company plans to locate one of its King Air, twin-engine aircraft at the Williston Airport to provide rapid transportation for patients in need of medical care at larger centers such as Bismarck or Minneapolis or Denver. Garry Bauer of Medical Air Rescue says the service could also be summoned to bring patients from an area small town clinic or hospital to Williston. Bauer says people in the Williston medical community reached out to his firm to begin service. (Garry Bauer, Medical Air Rescue) “One of the local doctors here assessed the need for air transport and contacted our company. We came in and chatted with the local people and there’s definitely a need – a huge need to get people quickly to advanced care and that’s what our company provides. So it’s a pretty huge opportunity for our company to expand out to this area.”

Bauer says the Rapid City company has six aircraft – one of which will now be located in Williston. Three pilots and one paramedic are moving to Williston to be full-time staff for Medical Air Rescue. In addition, Bauer says Williston-area paramedics and registered nurses have been hired to be on call to staff any air ambulance flights that are needed.