Missouri EMS Switches To Paperless Licensure

The Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medical Services is changing its application and licensure process to a new paperless system.

The new system will allow EMS personnel to renew their licenses or submit their initial license application by e-mail rather than by hard copy.

“Applicants can complete a secure application, scan the required documents and submit them to the bureau in an e-mail,” said Greg Natsch, chief of the state health department’s Bureau of EMS. “After the applicant clears a criminal background by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the license will be sent by e-mail from our office to the applicant.”

If an individual does not have an e-mail address, a paper license will be sent. The Bureau recommends that all EMS providers have an e-mail address. They would enable the Bureau to send updates to individuals more readily. If an EMT does not have a computer, the license can be sent to their department or to the e-mail account of their choice.

“We always recommend individuals notify the bureau about a change of address or name; the same recommendation applies about notifying us of a change of email address,” said Natsch. “As with any license, it is important that we have a current means of contact.”

The bureau has made a noticeable change to the electronic license. A Star of Life has been added in the background as a security measure. The license color remains the same, based on the licensure level.

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