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ND State Fair Keeps EMS Busy

KXMC CBS – An event like the North Dakota State Fair draws lots of people to town and increases traffic. At a time when Minot’s Community Ambulance Service is busy anyway, the fair adds to the challenge. Carla Burbidge has the story in “Eye on Health.” You probably don’t think about the Minot Community Ambulance Service a lot, until you need them. And Minot is a busy city these days. That means the ambulance service is busy too. Assistant Manager Aaron Myers tells us they had 8700 calls last year, that’s 24 calls per day. In recent years they have increased 5-600 calls per year, and this year is keeping up the pace. Aaron Myers, Minot Community Ambulance, we have 5-thousand calls this year. Community Ambulance has a visible presense during the state fair, they staff a first aid station, plus have an ambulance crew on the grounds. On normal days they have three ambulences covering Minot, during the fair they have four. They deal with everything: minor complaints like cuts and bruises, to much bigger problems. The fair adds to the workload, but for a few days thats okay. Day Grogan, EMT Basic, we all have to commit the time, so that we cover the fair and the city of Minot Aaron Myers, Most staff enjoy it, its different from the day to day routine He tells us Minot is now has the second busies amublance service in the state, second only to Fargo. Minot’s Comunity Ambulance working on behalf of fairgrowers, and the city of Minot.