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MSA’s ExtendAire II System Offers Integrated Rescue Hose

Pittsburgh, Pa. — MSA’s ExtendAire II is an emergency breathing supply system (EBSS) option that uses intermediate pressure air to provide firefighters with another level of emergency air. This system allows firefighters to quickly and easily connect to and breathe from a fellow firefighter’s air cylinder. ExtendAire System II is tightly integrated with SCBA to provide unrestricted mobility as well as easy access during critical situations. The system uses a quick connect system with check valves to help ensure that both recipient and donor are not exposed to ambient air.

The new ExtendAire II System offers an integrated rescue hose to be used with the PR14 First-Stage Regulator with both male and female quick connect fittings. A waist pouch houses the hose and manifold that integrates with the carrier and harness assembly to avoid snagging and accidental opening. The ExtendAire II System also connects to the ExtendAire I System for additional connection locations.

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