Over 200 Evacuated From Indianapolis Office

INDIANAPOLIS – Nineteen employees at a southwest side office building were taken to local hospitals after diesel fumes from an attached garage wafted into their workspace and sickened them.

Emergency workers were called out to the Lockheed Martin office in the 5100 block of Decatur Boulevard just before 11 a.m. on a report of someone having difficulty breathing. By the time they arrived they were confronted with several sick employees.

In all, 263 people were evacuated from the building, 100 were evaluated for illness and 20 were taken to area hospitals — according to the fire department.

A press release from the Decatur Township Fire Department says the fumes stemmed from a freight truck that was running inside the Panther Racing garage, which shares the office building with Lockheed Martin.

The garage was actually being used Monday by members of the Vision Racing team, the fire department says. The team was reportedly changing a trailer from one truck to another. The fire department says a Vision representative said the practice of leaving the trucks running is is something they do all the time and nothing out of the ordinary.

All of the illnesses were considered non life-threatening, said firefighters.

The fire department says the oxygen levels in the Lockheed Martin office were restored to normal and employees were free to return to the building.