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Ramedic Introduces the Hurl-e

IRVINE, Calif. — Ramedic introduces The Hurl•e “Pocket-Size” all-purpose emesis container that paramedics can easily carry with them at all times, and it deploys in seconds into a large capacity (2 liter) emesis container (barf bag) with some very unique capabilities. It can be used by all types of patients – coherent patients (hand held) AND impaired patients (hands free). The Hurl•e replaces all other types of emesis containers (e.g., emesis basins, wash basins, plastic bags, etc.) that are commonly used by paramedics and first responders.

Lt./Medic Joel J. Morris, Jr. of the Shelby Twp. Fire/Rescue, Michigan says, “As a paramedic of 20 years and firefighter of 15 years, I have seen a lot of products and gadgets come and go. The Hurl-e is a very well thought out product. It performs excellently, it is very cost effective, and greatly reduces our chances of being exposed to bodily fluids.”

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About Ramedic
Ramedic was founded by paramedics that use their “on the job” experiences to develop specialized tools for paramedics and first responders. Ramedic’s working relationship with the EMS community allows them to fine-tune, validate and introduce new products that target specific problems encountered by paramedics.