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Product Reviews From Street Crews

Issue 5 and Volume 35.

Rechargeable Resource
Advances in LED lighting technology continue to provide EMS with a variety of options for illuminating scenes. The major benefit of LED lighting is increased bulb life, which allows for a much longer run time than incandescent bulbs. The new Nightstick NSR-2000 series from Bayco features rechargeable LED flashlights and area work lights with a number of output options. Each of the three models in the 2000 series features a single LED at the top for general flashlight use. Different models are also available with 15, 30 or 60 LEDs, which will easily illuminate a room. Small, rugged and reasonably priced, all NSR-2400 series lights include a built-in metal hanger/prop stand. The orange models also come with a clip-on magnet, which can augment positioning at EMS scenes.


Sizes: 15, 30 or 60 LEDs
Colors: Black or orange
Output: 25–65 lumens flashlight or 30–120 lumens floodlight
Run Time: Two to six hours
Battery: NiMH (AC and DC Chargers included)
Price: $27–$41

Instant Protocol App
Many EMTs and paramedics have embraced the features of the iPhone and iPod touch. They’re checking e-mails, texting and surfing the Web at all times and locations throughout their shifts. Although we may debate when to check e-mails—please not in front of the patient—there are definite benefits to having this technology at your disposal. If you work in multiple jurisdictions with slight protocol variations, you can now view the latest versions right on your iPhone and iPod touch, and you won’t need to carry a 4″ binder full of outdated, printed copies. The Paramedic Protocol Provider from Acid Remap provides fingertip access to many regional, state and national protocols. Features include: a protocol index, access to multiple protocol sets at no extra cost, automatic updates, hospital contact information and mapping.
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch
System: OS 2.2.1 or later
Size: 4.9 MB
Price: $8.99

Flameless Flares
When EMS is the first unit on the scene of a highway incident, additional steps must be taken to ensure crew safety. One step is to cordon off the adjacent lane of traffic to form a safety buffer between the scene and moving traffic. Flammable road flares burn at more than 1,000° F, and some states have banned ambulances from carrying them. The new Snap Light 8″ Flare Alternative from Cyalume is a fire-safe, rapidly deployable, highly visible way to direct the traffic flow. Simply bend the plastic tube to activate the flare, and use the attached wire stand to place the SnapLight at the proper angle on the roadway. A reflective strip at the top of the SnapLight is also visible from up to one mile away, giving it an added safety feature.


Size: 8″
Color: Ultra HI-Orange
Duration: 30 min.
Price: $47.40 for a 12-pack

Long Life Filtration
With this past year’s media-induced H1N1 hysteria, many EMS units ordered (and may have used) a substantial quantity of N95 respirator masks. The new Nex-Gen Respirator Mask from SAM-GO Products offers a number of features that make wearing an N95 respirator mask more user friendly. The healing power of a smile can be administered through the clear mask. The filter is sonically sealed to eliminate at least 99.99% of particles larger than 0.027 microns. (Viruses are 0.1–1 micron.) The seal can be easily tested for fit by covering the filter with your hand and inhaling, which brings the mask closer to your face.

Sizes: Child, small and large
Filtration: 0.027 microns
Filter life: 240 hours
Price: $4.50 each

Durable, Reflective & Disposable
Cones are a great way to mark off scenes, treatment areas and other hazards. Some of the difficulty with placing multiple cones is the initial replacement costs and the large amount of storage space that’s typically been required to keep multiple cones available for rapid deployment. The new DisposaCone is a glossy cardboard alternative, which stores easily and utilizes a peel-away tab hat allows the cone to stick securely to any dry, hard surface. Directions for use are printed right on the cone. You simply peel off the paper that covers the adhesive, stick the DisposaCone to a dry surface and crimp the center of the cone to improve its performance in wind and rain. A slot in the top of the reflective cone makes it easy to connect the cones with scene-marking tape. The cones are available in 14″, 17″ and 18″ heights.

Color: Orange
Sizes: 14″, 17″ and 18″
Price: 14″—$64.44 per box of 36, and 17″ and 18″—$71.64 per box of 36

Manage Your Time
Timing is everything, and with the emphasis on timing and quality CPR, the new Emergency Time Manager from Intellitec makes hitting your marks on pulse checks and medication delivery as easy as hitting a button. The Emergency Time Manager has four basic functions: 1) time of day in hours and minutes, 2) sweep second hand, 3) elapsed time in hours and minutes, 4) four timer buttons, which can set alarms from 1–90 minutes. Installed in the patient compartment of your ambulance, you need only press one button to start a countdown timer for key time-dependant intervals.

Dimensions: 6.75″ x 4.75″ x 1.25″
Power Supply: 12v
Elapsed Time Max: 99 hours
and 99 min
Countdown Time Max: 90 min
Call for pricing

Medical Library App
Using your iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Android, Windows Mobile or other smartphone as a mobile medical library just got easier. Medicine Central from Unbound Medicine contains five programs that will make it easy to research a topic or condition right from the street. The “5-Minute Clinical Consult” contains information on the diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, references to the best evidence, ICD-9 coding and patient teaching for more than 700 common medical conditions. “A to Z Drug Facts” contains detailed information on 4,500 trade name and generic medications, including dosing, indications, contraindications, side effects, drug interactions and patient information. “Drug Interaction Facts” enables you to check drug-to-drug and drug-to-food interactions for thousands of trade name and generic drugs. The “Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests” provides evidence-based information on the selection and interpretation of more than 350 common laboratory tests. Finally, “MEDLINE Journals” delivers citations and abstracts from your choice of trusted medical journals to your mobile device.

Platforms: iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Android, Windows Mobile, Internet Explorer
Medical Conditions: 700+
Drugs: 4,500
Price: $159.99

The Ambulance: A History
By Ryan Corbett Bell

If there was a best-seller list for EMS books, The Ambulance: A History by Ryan Corbett Bell would surely be included. From the EMS veteran to the rookie, you’ll find enjoyment in this easy-to-read trip back in time that examines the origin, history and development of the ambulance and the people who have dedicated their lives to saving others. This comprehensive look at ambulance function and form covers critical moments in history from the early 19th century to modern day.

Readers will enjoy the reproduced drawings and vintage pictures of the earliest emergency service vehicles, including horse-drawn carriages and aero-medical ambulances used in World War I.

Although the book predominately focuses on civilian ambulance development, it does reference military examples that shaped the ambulance industry and EMS.

Bell’s work features key individuals who had a direct influence on the development of early EMS agencies around the country, including the first female surgeon, Emily Dunning, who responded on a horse-drawn ambulance in 1903 in New York City’s Lower East Side.

The author details how police “patrol ambulances,” nurse attendants and ambulance surgeons influenced the political, economic and social fabric of contemporary EMS. He also touches on hospital care as it relates to ambulance transport, and early research in EMS, which helped mold the industry. JEMS
—Wayne M. Zygowicz, BA, EMT-P