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Dunmore Firefighters Want Council to Restore their Ambulance Duty

DUNMORE – Citing worries about public safety, Dunmore firefighters asked council to reconsider the recent vote that stopped the department from responding to ambulance calls.

Borough council on April 12 unanimously voted to stop the Dunmore Fire Department from responding to any ambulance calls unless additional assistance is necessary. Lackawanna Ambulance, a private company, has been the official ambulance provider for the borough, though the Fire Department also would respond to calls.

“We’re here, we want to work, we want to help,” firefighter Greg Wolff said during Monday’s meeting. “So I’m begging you to reconsider this.”

Several councilmembers said they would be more than willing to sit down with the Fire Department and readdress the issue – but they stressed that cooperation from the firefighters is necessary.

Councilman Sal Verrastro, the Fire Department liaison, said he supported the change two weeks ago because of Fire Chief Christopher DeNaples’ recent comments about the department being short-staffed. At times, there are a minimum of three firefighters on a shift.

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