NBC Hopes Kevin Tighe of "Emergency" Can Revive "Trauma"

The NBC series “Trauma” was lambasted by the emergency medical community when it launched in the fall for factual mistakes and an inaccurate portrayal of that world.

Indeed, more than a few said it was a weak imitation of “Emergency!,” the 1972 series with Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe as California paramedics that many held up as the best portrayal of EMS life.

Executive producer Dario Scardapane is well aware of the comparisons.

“I think our DNA and ‘Emergency’s’ DNA are very, very close, and I was at first really, really shocked by the paramedic backlash,” Scardapane said yesterday. “And in a sick way, I kinda got into it to find a way to learn how to do the show better.”

“Trauma” centers on a group of paramedics and emergency medical technicians working in San Francisco. It stars Anastasia Griffith, Cliff Curtis, Aimee Garcia, Derek Luke, Jamey Sheridan, Kevin Rankin, Taylor Kinney and others.

The show launched in the fall on Mondays to so-so ratings and was hammered by EMS workers. At the time, in a letter to NBC, the president of the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians said “Trauma” presented “a grossly inaccurate and misleading impression.”

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