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Widow of Fallen Shreveport Chief Sues Over "Substandard Care"

The wife of a Shreveport firefighter who died after falling from a city truck in a local 2009 Mardi Gras parade is suing her husband’s former department over his death.

Traci Adams, wife of former firefighter Tommy Adams, seeks damages because Shreveport emergency responders were negligent, according to the suit, filed this week in Caddo District Court. Tommy Adams died in December.

According to the lawsuit, Adams said the city should be held responsible for her husband’s death because:

Responders did not follow proper procedures in clearing her husbands airway.
A supervisor should not have instructed her husband to clean the firetruck, which led to his fall.
The fire department parked ambulances so they could not leave in a timely manner to get her husband to a hospital.

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