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Pittsburgh Officials Consider Disciplining EMS Workers

City officials are exploring whether EMS workers should be disciplined in the case of a Hazelwood man who died in his home despite repeated calls to 911 during this month’s crippling snowstorm.

As part of the probe, Public Safety Director Michael Huss said he is reviewing calls to and from Allegheny County’s 911 center during the 30 hours that Curtis Mitchell, 50, and his longtime girlfriend waited for help to arrive.

The couple called 911 10 times starting early Saturday, Feb. 6, but impassable roads, poor communication and a high number of calls meant an ambulance did not arrive until the morning of Feb. 7, after Mr. Mitchell had died.

City leaders apologized and pledged immediate changes on Tuesday, but “that did not by any means conclude any administrative action we’re going to take,” Mr. Huss said Wednesday. “We have a lot that we need to look at before employee discipline. … We’re going to go where the investigation takes us.”

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