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National Warrior League Ankle Tourniquet Holster

The data from studies conducted in the battlefields of the Middle East indicates that arterial wounds to the extremities are less life-threatening if treated early with the proper application of a tourniquet. Tactical police officers and medics know this and often carry tourniquets on their person for rapid application. But what about your friend, the police officer? Where are they going to carry this lifesaving tool? The newÜAnkle Tourniquet Holster from theÜNational Warrior League is a breathable, concealable and washable way to carry a tourniquet when space on the duty belt is at a premium. Made from neoprene and secured with Velcro, the Ankle Tourniquet Holster is comfortable and easy to access. Because many officers carry a backup weapon in an an ankle holster, theyÌre accustomed to this position and can be quickly trained on its use and application.

Color: Black (exterior) and red (interior)
Size: One size
Price: $12.50