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Boston Mayor Calls for Review of EMS Call Involving Cardiac Arrest

BOSTON – The Mayor of Boston is calling for an independent review after a Boston EMS dispatcher was placed on administrative leave.

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It all stems from a medical call involving an off-duty Boston Firefighter who is now in serious condition and fighting for his life.

Engine 49 sits in park with a defibrillator at the Hyde Park firehouse just as it did Friday night, when Boston firefighter Joe Ford went into cardiac arrest at his Readville Street home nearby.

According to documents obtained by the I-Team, a Boston EMS dispatcher coded the emergency call as a priority 2 call so only one ambulance with two EMTs were initially sent to the scene.

Normally, a cardiac arrest or an unconscious person is a priority 1 call, which would have sent a fire engine, four emergency responders and a defibrillator to Joe Ford’s house.

His home is only a half-mile away but because it was coded a priority 2 that never happened.

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