Equipment & Gear

5.11 High-Visibility Parka

Now that OSHA has mandated that we wear high-visibility garments whenever weÌre operating on a roadway, the debate over wearing these bright colors is pretty much settled. So, with the high level of functionality and comfort that weÌve come to expect fromÜ5.11, the newÜHigh-Visibility Parka offers a variety of configurations and features to make your job easier in foul weather. The waterproof shell will block the wind, keep you dry and safe from bloodborne pathogens. The removable polyester fleece liner will keep you extra warm, and it can also be worn alone as a jacket or vest. Features include rubberized shoulder areas to keep your gear bags from sliding off, pockets everywhere, multiple microphone tabs and a specially designed radio pocket.

Colors: High-Vis yellowÜwith red, dark navy or royal blue
ANSI Rating: Level 2Ü
Price: $269.99Ü