Howler’ Siren Cuts EMSA Ambulance Wrecks in Half

TULSA, OK – The sound of EMSA’s howler sirens is having a big impact on safety in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. EMSA started installing them last November.

Since then, the number of ambulance wrecks has been cut in half. The howlers emit low-frequency tones that cause objects within 200 feet to reverberate. So even if drivers don’t hear the sirens, they can feel an ambulance approaching in time to pull over. From January 1-October 31, 2008, EMSA reported 16 wrecks at intersections statewide. From January 1-October 31, 2009, ambulances were involved in just half as many (eight) collisions that, despite the fact that EMSA put over 4.3 million miles on its ambulances during the time period!

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