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Barf Bib

Emesis Management SpecialistÛmany of my “civilian” friends think thatÌs what EMS stands for. Face it, if you canÌt handle puke, EMS may not be for you. The newÜBarf Bib gives you one more item in your toolbox for handling one of the most serious indicators of a bad shift. The new Barf Bib has many features that can make mincemeat out of emesis. It has a tear-resistant Pellan outer shell, so a combative patient can’t tear the bag off, and a plastic inner shell provides a leak-resistant barrier. The elastic neck opening provides a quick, secure and comfortable fit for the patient while a flip-up splash guard offers added protection from projectile vomiting.

Outer Shell: Tear-Resistant Pallen
Seams: Sewn & Heat Sealed
Weight: 3 oz.
Capacity: > 1 gal.
Price: e-mail for pricing