Major Incidents, Patient Care, Trauma

Commuter Bus Collision: Providers treat multiple patients involved in a collision at an intersection

Issue 9 and Volume 34.

Los Angeles City Fire Department paramedics and firefighters triage passengers of a Los Angeles County Metro Orange Line commuter bus that collided with a vehicle at a San Fernando Valley intersection. The 78-year-old driver of the vehicle, who is not pictured, was extricated from her vehicle and given ALS care, which included IVs, oxygen by mask and C-spine precautions. She was transported to a nearby trauma center in serious condition. None of the passengers on the bus were seriously injured. They were immobilized due to the mechanism of injury, placed in a head-elevated position on the curb for additional comfort, and transported to local hospitals for follow-up care. Eight fire suppression companies and 10 rescue ambulances responded to the