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Needles Stolen from Tenn. Ambulance

The theft of hypodermic needles from a Bedford County ambulance Friday wasn’t discovered until their container was opened during an emergency call several hours later, officials said.

But patient treatment wasn’t compromised, said Chad Graham, director of Bedford County Emergency Medical Service.

“We have multiple sizes (of needles) available,” Graham said. “They broke the container and grabbed one size. There were other sizes that would work better.”

The ambulance had been parked beside the VFW, Depot Street, for more than two hours Friday afternoon while a stolen car was pulled from Duck River, police were told.

BCEMS Supervisor Doug Peacock and paramedic James Williams told Shelbyville police officer Tory Moore the ambulance was near the building among several parked patrol cars between 3:30 and 5:45 p.m. The ambulance was on standby if needed by emergency workers.

Rescue workers were gathered at the foot of a steep, rutted dirt embankment behind the VFW. The ambulance was out of sight on the other side of large trees.

“There were so many people in the area, around the truck and on the scene that it was impossible to keep a visual on the truck at all times,” EMS personnel told Moore.

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