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Bat "Crack" was Pitcher’s Skull Fracture

One hundred and forty miles per hour is faster than most cars. It’s the speed at which the winds of Hurricane Katrina hit the coast of Louisiana. And on July 2 at Cohen Stadium in El Paso, Texas, 140 mph was how fast the baseball was going when it struck Ocean City resident David Whigham in the head.

Whigham, 23, was carrying a no-hitter into the fourth inning when the Grand Prairie Air Hogs’ third baseman, Cesar Nicolas, stepped to the plate. On the first pitch of the at-bat, Nicolas did what all baseball players are taught: He turned Whigham’s fastball around and sent it right back up the middle — right back at Whigham.

It happened in an instant. Many people in the stadium never even saw it — but they heard it.

“People thought it was a bat crack,” Whigham said. “But it wasn’t a bat, it was my skull.”

“Don’t move don’t move,” he remembers hearing the team doctor tell him on the field. “I heard the crack, I could hear it from my skybox.”

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