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Medonyx BetterShield

Body substance isolation for EMS is usually gloves and sometimes goggles. For those unfortunate calls when additional coverage is required, weÌll sometimes wear a gown and face shield. One problem with basic face shields is the design; they leave a gap at your chin and neck that can allow sprayed fluids to contact your face. Another problem is fogging. TheÜBetterShield fromÜMedonyx addresses both of these issues. It curves around your lower jaw to prevent splashes and projectile fluids fromÜcontacting your face. This curve allows for eyeglasses, leaves room for N95 masks and also makes it harder to dislodge the shield when reaching for IVs and monitors. Plus, the hottest breath from our test subjects couldnÌt defeat the anti-fogging technology.Ü

Color: Clear
Cost: $199 per box of 100