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Issue 6 and Volume 34.

Great article [“Borrowed Trauma,” May JEMS]. It’s important to remember that stress reactions are absolutely normal. This field tends to be one of machismo, bravado and a certain air of invincibility; it’s important to remember that we are people too. If we lose sight of that, it’s time to move on to another line of work or just take a break.
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I was [at the Metrolink crash] about an hour and a half after it happened on Friday, all day Saturday and most of the day on Sunday, decontaminating the rig, everything that was in it and my boots.It was an MCI of a magnitude I hope we never see again.
Steve R. Jackson, EMT-B
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“When Lightning Strikes” (April JEMS) recommends the 30-30 rule for staying safe in lightning storms.The National Weather Service is getting away from using the 30-30 rule because most people have forgotten or misunderstood it. All NWS offices around the country are using this phrase instead:“When thunder roars, go indoors.”
Kevin H., EMT-B
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In the May’s “Huffing,” the last review question was incomplete and the quiz answers were omitted. We’ve posted the correction at

The address for the Handheld US Nautiz X5 PDA in May Hands On should have been
We regret the errors. JEMS