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Watercrest Industries Six-Pak Kart

The Six-Pak Kart is a cost-effective alternative to the stair chair and a convenient patient transfer system. It assembles quickly with an easy-to-use three-strap anchoring system that attaches to a long spineboard or scoop-type stretcher. It eases patient transport up and down stairs, and simplifies the maneuvering of patients around tight corners or elevators. The Six-Pak Kart offers stability and control to rescuers and decreases injury to them and patients. The Kart_s unique tri-wheel design stays in constant contact with stair risers and works well on an open-rise step, enabling your crew to “walk” the device down stairs. It secures to devices 12Ï18″ wide and articulates to fit tapered boards.„
Watercrest Industries
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