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Lifetabs Tab4Life

Some of the simplest inventions are the most useful. WeÌve long improvised ways to keep open the lobby door to a multi-unit apartment or condo after being “buzzed in” by the patient. ItÌs common to see a newspaper or flashlight propped in the door jamb to keep it from closing, but they can fall and allow the door to close. TheÜTab4Life fromÜLifetabs is a piece of card stock with an area of adhesive thatÌs placed over the strike plate to keep the latch from engaging. The bright yellow background with the words “Emergency Personnel Inside” also lets incoming responders know youÌre there. When the call is complete, the tab is easily removed from the door without leaving any adhesive residue.Ü

Size: 2″ x 5″
Cost: $5/pack of 10