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RG Medical Diagnostics Mini-Rescue Warming Blanket

Rewarming hypothermia victims works best when the heat is applied to their body, not just the inside of the ambulance. TheÜMini-Rescue Warming Blanket fromÜRG Medical Diagnostics delivers heat where itÌs needed mostÛon the patient. Powered by a compact battery pack or wall plug adaptor, the blanket quickly reaches 98.6_F (37_C). It maintains a constant temperature and evenly distributes heat. The Mini-Rescue has a durable waterproof surface and can be laid directly on the patient. Cover it with a regular blanket to retain even more heat. All components are reusable, and after cleaning, it packs into a compact carrying case.

Size: 24″ x 54″
Power required: 12~28 VDC
Power use: 8 amp max
Temperature options: 98.6_F or 105_F
Heat output: 100 watts (86kCals)
Cost: $2,847 (mini with power supply);Ü
$1,122 (optional lithium-ion battery system)