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Vidacare EZ-IO G3 Power Driver

The paramedics and physicians who have been using the EZ-IO intraosseous device should thank the military for the new smaller, lighter model. The EZ-IO G3 Power Driver from Vidacare has a fully sealed case that houses the motor and lithium batteries. ItÌs designed for 10 years of maintenance-free shelf life and a minimum of 500 insertions. And in direct response to feedback from field users, a trigger guard has been added. The guard is attached to the G3 with a lanyard, eliminating the need for a specialized carrying case. Other upgrades include a battery indicator that provides a visual warning for the operator. The LED is green when the batteries are at optimal performance and flashes red when 10% of the battery life remains.

Shelf life: 10 yearsÜ
Insertions: 500 Size: 6.5″ x 4.5″ x 2.5″Ü
Weight: 380 gÜ
Cost: $295Ü