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Thales Communications Liberty Multi-Band Land Mobile Radio

In elementary school, we all learned the pitfalls of the game ÏTelephone.Ó Well, at a large-scale EMS incident, when first-arriving units are on a different bandwidth than responding mutual aid rigs, similar communication issues can arise because personnel have to use dispatch centers to relay messages. The Liberty Multi-Band Land Mobile Radio from Thales Communications allows local, state, federal and even Department of Defense agencies to communicate across public safety bands 136Ò174, 380Ò520, 700 and 800 MHz. You can also choose the bandwidth most appropriate for the terrain: UHF for urban and VHF for rural operations. All of this comes packed in a rugged, mil-spec, field-programmable portable radio thatÌs about the same size as the one youÌre using now.Ü

Cost: $5,000 range 8