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The Traffic Safety Store Cone Bar

The need to delineate the scene, hot zones and treatment areas has led to many innovations. Cones can be bulky and expensive. Scene tape is a quick solution, but itÌs easily cut. And tarps are a fixed size. TheÜCone Bar fromÜThe Traffic Safety Store is a sturdy but inexpensive way to mark your scenes for crowd control, patient distribution or traffic flow. It has hoops on either end that allow it to be quickly placed on top of almost any traffic safety cone. The rigid bar adjusts from 4′ to 7′ or 6′ to 10′, depending on the model. A variety ofÜreflective color combinations make the bar customizable for your operation.Ü

Sizes: Standard & WorkZone
Length: Standard 4’Ò7′,Ü
WorkZone 6’Ò10′
Color combinations: 4
Cost: $15.25Ò$31.95 eachÜ
(depending on quantity)Ü