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C3 SoftWorks BRAVO!

The line between educator and entertainer is sometimes blurred. The bestÜeducators find unique ways to maintain the attention of the class, thusÜenhancing retention.ÜBRAVO! fromÜC3 SoftWorks enables you to introduce, reinforce or review any topic through a variety of fun games: “Quiz Show” follows the format of Jeopardy!, “Billionaire” is akin to Who wants to be a Millionaire, “Showdown” follows Family Feud, and “Spin Off” is like Wheel of Fortune. BRAVO! allows you to create individualized cartoon characters (avatars) to let your personality come through on screen. Some of the games are upgrades from previous C3 SoftWorks titles that now useÜvector graphics and run much faster. Check outÜthese cool ways to make learning more fun!

Programs: 4
System requirements: Windows XP or newer
Cost: Call for pricing