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Company Claims Md. EMS Delaying Mass Casualty Study

BEL-AIR, Md. — A Bel-Air company is accusing the state’s emergency medical service of delaying the release of a study of a new method for triaging patients in mass casualty incidents.

The company, ThinkSharp, believes its method could save lives and that the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System, the independent agency that oversees emergency medicine statewide, has been sitting on the study too long.

In a letter, ThinkSharp chief executive Thomas McCord said the agency displayed “disregard, disbelief and delay” about the results of the April 2007 study.

But the institute’s executive director, Robert Bass, said the delay stemmed from discussions about what a paper should say. He said the method needs to be studied further and some paramedics found the method confusing and difficult to use.