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Siemens Healthcare Acuson P10

Although PDAs and cell phones are loaded with more features every week, they still canÌt provide an ultrasound image of the inside of a human body. But theÜAcuson P10 fromÜSiemensÜHealthcare can. It has all the features of a portable ultrasound machine in a device the size of a PDA. This small unit makes it possible to view heart valves on scene, instead of just listening to murmurs. You can also see fetal movement, instead of having to guess, and peritoneal blood can be visualized. The Acuson P10 allows for advanced assessment well before reaching the hospital, and the trauma center can get a better idea of the type of patient on the way.

Weight: 1.6 lbs.
Height: 2.2″
Width: 3.8″
Length: 5.7″
Transducer length: 5.4″
Width: 1.9″
Height: 1.3″
Cost: Varies, under $10,000