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Baby Godzilla

Columbia River Knife and Tool have introduced a more pocket-friendly version of their Zilla-Tool, namedÜZilla-Tool Jr. ItÌs smaller but remains a fully functional stainless-steel multi-tool. Both the needle-nose pliers and the 2.25″ blade can be easily opened with one hand. Its knife blade is half-serrated and positively secured in the open position via liner-lock. The pliers spring open at the touch of an ambidextrous slide latch in the center of the rounded grip panels. And the wire cutter can easily sever braided 16 g electrical wire. The grip panels house two 1/4″ drive hex bits, which fit into a driver socket in the end of the tool. The Zilla-Tool Jr. can be easily carried on your belt in its nylon case or clipped to your pants pocket.Ü

Weight: 3.8 oz.
Length: 5.25″ (closed), 7.5″ (open)
Tools: 6
Cost: $39.99