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New Deliveries: SOS Answered on Island

Tucked away south of Cuba and 90 miles from Grand Cayman is the island of Little Cayman, home to just 150 people. For years, their only EMS response vehicles were a 35-year-oldÜambulance and an older Jeep. At times, responders had toÜtransport patients in a neighborÌs pickup truck. Recently, theÜparent hospital on Cayman Brac, six miles north, bought themÜan Odyssey response unit built on a new Ford Expedition chassis. Now, personnel can respond in a unit that will carry personnel and equipment to Little Cayman Clinic or the runway to be flown to Cayman Brac or Grand Cayman for treatment. The Expedition is outfitted with custom Odyssey Transport cabinets, easy-to-clean materials, emergency lighting and high-power electrical, including a roof-mounted solar charger to ensure the vehicle and equipment are always charged. To find out more about Odyssey vehicles, visitÜ