Cardiac & Resuscitation

Health Affairs CPREzy

“Push hard, push fast”ÛthatÌs the mantra heard in almost every CPR class these days. But, how hard is too hard, and how fast is fast enough?ÜCPREzy fromÜHealth Affairs, based in the United Kingdom, is a device with a series of LEDs that show compression depth based on patient weight. A metronome keeps you on pace for 100 compressions per minute. Simply turn it on, place it on the patientÌs sternum and perform compressions with your hands placed on top of the device. The LEDs light up when youÌve reached the correct depth for your patient, and they turn off as pressure is released,Üguiding you to maximize cardiac refill.Ü

Dimensions: 7″ x 2″x 2″
Power: 9V
Cost: $159.99