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EMT Workers Arrested in British Death

BRIGHTON, England — Two emergency medical technicians in Brighton, England, allegedly discussed whether they should treat a man who later died, a police source said.

The unidentified source said the EMTs, whose identities were not reported, were arrested after they were heard allegedly debating whether to attempt to resuscitate 59-year-old Barry Baker, The Times of London said Wednesday.

The source said the workers had arrived at Baker’s home in response to an emergency call he placed in November after suffering a heart attack.

But after entering the building, the medics were disturbed by the condition of Baker’s home and uttered words to the effect that he was not worth saving, the source alleged.

The source said the medics’ alleged discussion was overheard by emergency dispatch workers because Baker had not hung up the telephone after calling for help.

“Obviously the crew did not realize that the phone was still connected and, of course, the 999 call was recorded on tape,” the source told The Times.

The newspaper said in the wake of Baker’s death, the two EMTs were suspended and are to appear in court in January to face related charges.