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Columbia River Knife and Tool Guppie

Columbia River Knife and Tool melds artistic tool design with function in the aptly named productÜGuppie. ItÌs so cute your friends might steal it for themselves. The tool itself is mainly an adjustable wrench that opens toÜ1/2″, with an integral 2″ smooth-blade knife. The “belly” is a carabineer-style latch, which permits attachment to a D-ring or belt loop. The carabineer latch will also open a bottle. The pocket clip can otherwise double as a money clip. At the “tail,” thereÌs a standardÜ1/4″ drive, which is complemented by a black plastic side carrier. The sideÜcarrier is held to the body magnetically but detaches to serve as an LED light. It securely houses fourÜ1/4″ drive bits. Form, function and art: What more could you ask ofÜsomething you can fit in your palm?ÛWindsor Dalrymple, EMT-P

Weight: 4.1 oz.
Length: 3.5″
Blade length: 2″
Cost: $39.99