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Ambulance Kills Greyhound Dog

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — An ambulance ran over a 3-year-old miniature Italian greyhound in Huntington Beach last Thursday, killing the dog, officials said.

The vehicle was leaving the Shoreline Ambulance Corp. and accidently killed the dog, named Tricksy, which looked like a Chihuahua, officials said. One of the company’s owners, Giovanni Chiarella, said the driver did not see the dog.

“We feel really bad about what happened,” said Chiarella. “It is a sad thing when a dog gets run over.”

The dog belonged to Cole Contorelli, whose family owns Contorelli Construction Inc., near the ambulance company. Contorelli was not available for comment.

“It was a bad deal,” said his father, Robert Contorelli. “It was probably one of the biggest tear-jerkers in the world.”

Chiarella said no plans have been made to replace the dog.