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SPO Medical Pulse Ox 6100

Although EMS workers may argue over whether pulse oximetry is a vital sign, itÌs certainly something that needs to be monitored. One reason the validity of pulse ox readings is questionable is that the nail polish and acrylic nails on patients can interfere with the reading. A traditional pulse ox has an LED transmitter and a receiver on opposite sides of a patientÌs finger. TheÜPulse Ox 6100fromÜSPO Medical bounces the LED signal off oxygen-carrying red blood cells and receives the signal on the non-fingernail side of the probe. This eliminates the need to remove nail polish or acrylic nails and allows you to get a faster reading on a manicured patient.Ü

Power: 2 AA Batteries
Battery life: 200 hours
Size: 6.3″ x 1.73″ x 1.06″