Patient Care

Medi-Fridge Micro Refrigerator

A number of EMS-administered medications are temperature sensitive, and vehicles that can be used to operate electrical systems have a finite amount of power. The new Micro-Refrigerator from Medi-Fridge is the perfect addition to your unit. It’s small and keeps up to six vials or two prefilled pens of medication within suggested storage temperature with minimal drain on your vehicle’s electrical system. A 12-volt DC auto socket power cord and a 100Ò240 volt AC electrical cord are included. Thanks to solid-state cooling components, the Micro Refrigerator eliminates the noisy and power-hungry compressor that household refrigerators use.

Size: 8 1/2″ L x 3 5/8″ W
x 4 3/16″ H
Weight: 1 lb., 61/8 oz.
Power: 25-watt max
Cost: $69.99