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Innocent Bystander Caught in the Middle of Ambulance and Car Collision Editor’s Note: According to the April 2007JEMS article “The Risky Side of Response,” approximately 60% of accidents analyzed in a study have occurred during emergent driving. Common factors included traveling through an intersection and striking another vehicle. Read “The Risky Side of Response” by David M. Williams, MS, Christine M. Zalar, MS.

DENVER — A Denver mother lost her daughter to a suspected drunk driver Tuesday. 28-year-old Rochelle Hope died in a horrific accident Tuesday morning when a car ran a red light, collided with an ambulance and barreled into her while she was walking.

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Two fatal ambulance crashes have been reported in the national news this week. One suggested solution to improving ambulance safety is to have the National Transporatation Safety Board (NTSB) assist in investigating ground ambulance crashes. The article “Ask the Feds to Investigate Ambulance Crashes” discusses a paper that calls for NTSB action. Click here to read “Ask the Feds to Investigate Ambulance Crashes” and join in the discussion.