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New Allegations About Off-the-Radar D.C. Ambulance Crews

WASHINGTON — One member of the D.C. ambulance crew under investigation for allegedly avoiding calls while on the job had previously been disciplined for sleeping on the job, sources tell ABC 7’s Jennifer Donelan.

The two-person crew for Ambulance 33 which operates out of Southeast has been assigned to administrative duty with pay, pending an investigation. They have been accused of parking their ambulance in Northwest for five hours on July 24, so they’d be unavailable for 911 calls in their assigned area. Authorities say the alleged hideout spot has significantly fewer calls for help.

According to sources, one of the same workers parked an ambulance and slept for six hours in the same spot two summers ago while he was on duty. Top brass tried to fire the worker, but a trial board suspended him and he was allowed to return to work.

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