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Retiring Paramedic Apprehends Knife-Wielding Thief

MILWAUKEE — Brian Reynolds had less than a week to go until retiring from his Milwaukee Fire Department job, but he helped take down a knife-wielding thief Saturday night in the 100 block of W. Oklahoma Ave.

Reynolds, 49, due to retire Friday, was returning from an ambulance run with his partner, Daniel Zidek, when the paramedics saw two security guards chasing a man. The man was running from the Sentry at 123 W. Oklahoma Ave. carrying two liquor bottles. The suspect ran through a parking lot and past the fire station on S. Chase Ave.

Then Reynolds saw the suspect brandishing a knife in the median of W. Oklahoma.

I told my partner, Let s get going. He s going to stab somebody, Reynolds said.

The paramedics approached in their ambulance. Reynolds, a former Milwaukee Police officer and currently an officer with the State Fair Police, left the ambulance and told the suspect to drop the knife.

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